Road Journal, Week 3: Going to the Margins

June 14, 2024

Our Lord is continuing to draw souls to his Sacred Heart—lay and religious, men and women, old and young. From the Gospels, we know that Jesus has a special place in his heart for children, the poor, and the sick. And recent events on the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage reflect this beautiful reality.

Catholic school children line up for a Eucharistic procession on the Seton Route

Let the Little Children Come

On the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Route, Jesus made a special stop to visit hundreds of Catholic school children at St. Mary of the Pines Church in the Diocese of Trenton. They participated in a Eucharistic procession to the church, where Bishop David O’Connell celebrated a special Mass for them.

Catholic News Agency reports: “The diocesan event was designed especially to bring awareness to school children about the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.” Perpetual Pilgrims Dominic Carstens and Natalie Garza spoke to the young students about the Eucharist. Garza shared, “We’re on an adventure!... Every adventure has a destination… We will have a life with Jesus forever, or a life without Jesus forever. We have to choose our destination. We have a God who wants to be with us.”

Man pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair in a Eucharistic procession

Never Too Old

While thousands of pilgrims and parishioners enthusiastically participate in Eucharistic processions in cities around the country, there are many who are physically unable to walk for longer distances. But Jesus is coming to them, too.

After a Eucharistic procession that drew 7,000 participants in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Pilgrimage visited a nursing home run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, where residents welcomed Our Lord for adoration and the Rosary in the chapel. The National Catholic Register shares the story of one resident whose sadness over not being able to participate in the citywide procession turned to joy: “I rejoice because God wants us. God is so good and infinite that he knows we don’t need to even come to follow him, but he will be the one to search for us, to look for us.”

Eucharistic procession on a city street

To the Streets

The Pilgrimage is going everywhere, from beautiful cathedrals in major cities to makeshift churches in small neighborhoods. Jesus makes no distinction—his love is a free gift for all. During its visit in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the Pilgrimage processed through the Kensington neighborhood, a community stricken by the tragedy of drug addictions. The Pillar reports that religious sisters of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love, participated in the procession and ministered to people on the streets. And on the St. Juan Diego Route, Perpetual Pilgrims visited a homeless shelter, offering their service and prayers.

People kneeling in prayer outside as part of a Eucharistic Pilgrimage event

Thirsty for Souls

From grade schools to nursing homes to the streets and beyond, Jesus desires to reach everyone with the healing mercy of his love. Shayla Elm, one of the Perpetual Pilgrims on the St. Juan Diego Route, sums up this desire beautifully: “I have been blown away at how hungry people are to show their faith and how thirsty Jesus is for their souls… Jesus really is thirsty for this whole country. He really wants so many souls to encounter him, and he’s the one walking in the streets.”

Please keep the Pilgrimage, the Perpetual Pilgrims, and all those involved in your prayers—especially the souls Jesus wants to reach through this movement! And if the Pilgrimage is passing your way, don’t miss out on this life-changing, historic movement. Learn more about upcoming Pilgrimage events and RSVP here.

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